Convince Your Boss


If you are a trainee, student or simply an allied health professional who needs to convince your boss why you should attend APSR 2016. Here’s a small tool we hope you can use to get the necessary financial resources and bring you closer to Thailand. Dr. Sumalee Kiatboonsri, President of 21st Congress of APSR 2016 and Chairman, Local Organizing Committee along with the honorable committees are looking forward to welcoming you in person at APSR 2016.

Dear Sir or Madame,

Why send me to APSR 2016?

  • I am the future of respirology and among the next generation of leaders in the field, and therefore deserve every opportunity to excel.
  • The competence and expertise I acquire now will impact on the quality of patient care in the region for years to come.
  • My goal is to perform cutting-edge clinical and basic science research and advance the highest standards of practice.
  • I am a specialist and my academic merit and progress warrant participation in the trainee audience at this important congress.


How will I benefit from APSR 2016? 

  • I will stay current on the research, knowledge and experience of over 1,500 delegates attending APSR 2016.
  • My training will take a giant leap forward throughout a wide-ranging four-day scientific programme.
  • I will be among the first to learn of all the significant new developments and scientific advancements in the field of respirology.
  • The multidisciplinary approach of the congress will open my mind to all the connections in science and medicine.
  • I will see, hear, and hopefully meet, some of the invited expert speakers, the luminaries in the field whose names I am already very familiar with.
  • What I take away from the congress will vastly improve my skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of respirology.
  • I deserve every opportunity to prepare myself not only to make an impact on the future of respirology, but to advance it and be the best that I can be.

I am inspired – and I hope that these very important points inspire you to allow me to attend APSR 2016.

Sincerely yours,


Just one of the region’s many highly committed respirology trainees.


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